Transformation steps of our cheeses

At Les Blancs d'Arcadie, cheese making is an art that relies on the expertise of our master cheesemakers. We combine the purest ingredients with a long tradition of quality and good taste to produce award-winning cheeses.

Do you know the steps necessary for the production and processing of a good cheese?

The manufacture of cheese, though ancient, is still governed by the same rules. Here are the steps:

Step 1 : Milk receiving

Milk is being pick-up from local producer by the tanker trucks and delivered to the factory every 2 days. The milk is stored for one or two days in sanitized silos until it is ready to be used.

Step 2 : Pasteurization

Pasteurization destroys micro-organisms through a process that involves heating the milk at 64 degrees Celsius and then cooling at 34 degrees Celsius.

Temperature : 64o C
Duration : 30 min

Step 3 : Adding bacterial culture

A bacterial culture is added and left to mature.

Duration : 60 à 90 min

Step 4 : Adding rennet

Rennet is an enzyme that gets the milk to coagulate. After 30 minutes, the milk turns into a gel, which is called curd.

Duration : 30 à 35 minutes.


Step 5 : Cutting the curd mass

The curd is cut with stainless steel knifes, to about 8mm cubes.

Step 6 : Cooking

The curd is cooked in the vat by injecting hot water into the sides of the vat while the curd continues to be stirred.

Temperature: 100F
Duration: 30 à 35 minutes.

Step 7 : Extraction of curds whey

Half of the curd whey is extracted from the finishing table to first firm it up and to then increase its acidity to obtain the desired texture for the type of cheese. Out of a hypothetical volume of 100% milk, only 10% will become cheese.

Step 8 : Accidification

The curds are stirred with the remaining whey in order to increase the acidity of cheese.

Duration: 30 à 90 minutes.

Step 9 : Extraction of the curds

The curd is extracted from the remaining of the whey to firm it up and sedimentation of the curds occurs under the effect of heat.

Step 10 : Cheddarization

This is the stage at which the cheese is cut into slices and overlapped. The slices then have to be turned and folded every 15 to 20 minutes.

Duration: 90 minutes

Step 11 : Milling

Unsalted cheese slices are passed through the mill, where blades cut the cheese into small pieces, transforming it into cheese curds.

Step 12 : Salting

Then comes the time to add salt to the cheese. At this stage the cheese is stirred with forks to incorporate the salt into the mass.

Step 13 : Molding

Fresh cheese curds are being bagged ready for selling. Some of the curds are being placed into molds of 10 pounds. The molds are then places under a press between 6 to 10 hours.

Step 14 : Packaging

Some of the curd is taken directly to the bagging area for packaging into 80g, 180g and 2 kg packages. Blocks of cheeses are removed from mold, dryed and coated with cream and wax. A minimum of 3 to 4 days have elapsed before being cut and packaged under vacuum.

Step 15 : Distribution

The distribution of the cheese is made throughout the Acadian Peninsula, Chaleur Region, Restigouche and the southern side of the province.